We introduce Nico Nico Yasai’s farm.

1.Buon Ma Thuot Farm

Official name in Vietnamese
Nông trường trực tiếp quản lí tại Buôn Ma Thuột
Square Measure        5000m2
Our farm have started from here! A direct management farm !
It is the product of sweat and tears. Nowadays, students who study agriculture and young people gather and we open the farms for them to experience. Because it’s close to the city, we also accept interns here.
The farm is located in the south-central part of Vietnam, near the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. It is on a plateau with an altitude of 600 metres. It’s relatively warm all year. We produce at a direct-management farm and six cooperative farms.

Main Crops

Root vegetables: Japanese white radish, carrot, sweet potato, ginger
Vegetable-like fruits: okra, eggplant, cucumber
Leaf vegetables: brassica rapa (komatsuna), bok choy, brassica juncea (Karashina), water spinach
Beans: green soybean, kidney bean etc. – 20–30 types

2.Krong Bong Farm

Official name in Vietnamese
Nông trường Krông Bông
Square Measure        7000m2
“Clammbon laughed Kapukapu.” I liked the rhyme in “Yamanashi” by Kenji Miyazawa and decided, “Let’s make a farm here!”
This is the hometown of the farm-leader, Thien. It is a granary that is filled with water from Mt. Dan Sinh with an altitude of 2000 metres. It is calm here, and cows and buffaloes walk by slowly. There are a lot of agricultural materials such as husk, chaff, straw and cow dung, so we make organic compost here.
Krong Bong is famous for its production of peanuts, so we extract peanut oil here. Because the soil is sandy, we mainly grow vegetable-like fruits and root vegetables.

Main Crops

Peanut, soybean, azuki bean, snap beans, pumpkin, carrot, Japanese white radish

3.Mang Den Farm

Official name in Vietnamese
Nông trường Măng Đen
Square Measure        5000㎡
We are moved with the perfect scenery that it’s no wonder people here have been living in a similar way for about 1000 years. It is surrounded by mountains and clear streams that pour into rice fields.
These rice fields enable buffaloes, goats, pigs and chickens to live. And humans as well. The sun is the origin of all life and the mountains catch the sunlight steadily.
One of the features of this farm is an altitude of 1100 metres and cool climate. We mostly produce highland temperate vegetables here.

Main Crops

Tomato, mini tomato, potato, onion, spinach, kale, beets, broccoli etc.

4.Moc Chau Farm

Official name in Vietnamese
Nông trường Mộc Châu
Square Measure        2500m2
The Nong Truong (farm) area was pioneered by soldiers who returned from the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. It’s cool that the area name itself means “farm”. Probably because comrades-in-arms who fought together at the risk of their lives, the community spirit is a little bit different from other places.
Techniques of rearing dairy cows developed in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Cuba, have been transferred to here.
Located in the north part of Vietnam along the border between Laos, this area is famous for its production of tea and milk. You can feel the “Laos wind” from March to June. This is our first farm in North Vietnam!! Stay tuned!

Main crops (plan)

Baby leaf, Malabar spinach, water spinach, spinach, brassica rapa (komatsuna), lettuce
Tomato, okra, cucumber, eggplant, corn
Cabbage, kale, Chinese cabbage (hakusai), potato, broccoli
Soybean, azuki bean, mung bean, black soybean, snap peas